• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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September is National Baby Safety Month and we know that, when it comes to your child, keeping them safe is #1! Today we would like to share some tips about how to keep your little one safe in the backseat while you focus on the road.

Car Seats.

Although car seats may be a hassle to set up they are crucial to your child’s safety. Without a car seat, your child is four times more likely to get severely hurt. When buying one, it is important to fit it to your child’s height and weight. Also, setting it up properly is a must. Read each instruction step by step to make sure the car seat is set up accordingly. It’s also very important to make sure that the car seat you select is weight appropriate.


The safest place to put a car seat is in the middle of the back seat. It is furthest way from the doors and windows, so the baby is not tempted to play around with buttons. Also, if the car was ever impacted on either side the baby would be safest while in the middle.

Safety Mirrors.

When driving it is always a hassle and danger to keep looking back to reassure your baby’s safety. It is said that turning around and taking your eyes off the road can be just as much of a risk as texting and driving. A safe and efficient way to check on your baby is to install a safety mirror on the backseat headrest. By simply looking into your rear view mirror into the safety mirror it gives you a clear view of the baby.

Child Locks.

Even with older children, child locks should be used to prevent peril. It is reassuring to know that any child can’t (no matter what they do) open the door from the inside.

Watch out for messiness.

With a baby it might be hard to keep your car spotless, but keeping it organized should still be a priority.. To prevent choking hazards, make sure that nothing is within  arms reach of the baby.. Don’t forget those hard to reach places, such as under the car seat. While cleaning your car, also remember to take out any cleaning products after you are done because of the toxic chemicals found inside.

Your child being your #1 priority means that being proactive about their safety is a top priority as well. We hope that these tips will help you spend more of your time focused on the road ahead and less time worrying about your little one in the back seat.