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  • Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Your pet means the world to you – and we get that! We are avid pet lovers here at Paradiso Insurance as well. Part of being a pet owner though is making sure to protect your pets in all circumstances, that way you can stay free from worry for your companion. Whether you have a dog, cat, or other pets, we wanted to review how you can protect your pets from springtime hazards, so you can have fun in the sun and keep your pet healthy in the meantime!

Bringing your Pet Outdoors

At the beginning of the spring, your pet may not quite be in their pique performance like they once were. After a long winter indoors, some of their muscles or joints could be a little bit stiff, or your pet could have put on a couple of extra pounds as well. It’s best to slowly introduce them to their favorite outdoor activities for a healthy transition back to the outdoors.

Playing a Game of Fetch

Part of protecting your canine (or other animals that like to play fetch) is to make sure that you use a dog-friendly toy or ball. Sure, dogs may love to catch a good stick and bring it back to you, but that can actually be rough on your canine’s health; no pun intended. They can leave splinters in your dog’s mouth, and any pieces of the stick accidentally swallowed can cause problems in your dog’s digestive tract.

Seasonal Allergies

Yes, just like humans, both dogs and cats can experience seasonal allergies. Symptoms can include sneezing, coughing, scratching, licking, or chewing. If you are concerned about seasonal allergies in your pets, it’s best to contact your vet. Although, one preventative measure you can take to protect your pets is to wipe down all screens, windows, and window sills in your home with a moist microfiber cloth to prevent your pet from being affected by allergens or mildew that built up over the winter.

How else can you Protect your Pets?

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