• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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As many of you know, insurance policies change from year to year for a variety of reasons.  New data emerges that suggests certain practices or items are safer than others, or new technology comes around that completely changes the game.  Well, we’d like to take this Monday afternoon to discuss with you some changes to CT auto insurance policies through our friends at Travelers Insurance.

Effective last week (January 19th to be exact), Connecticut auto insurance policies no longer included towing and labor for policy holders.  Now while that sounds like a bummer, don’t worry, because there’s something even better being offered in its place.  That’s right, with all CT auto insurance policies through Travelers, roadside assistance is now offered and available to everyone.   Now if you have a Quantum Auto policy, you will be treated as a legacy and will be converted to the new Roadside Assistance program upon your next renewal.  

So now, begs the question, why is this better than the old policy that included towing and labor? Well I’ll tell ya why!  First of all, the Roadside Assistance actually has two levels that CT auto insurance policy holders can chose from… options are always great, right?

The first option is BASIC which allows for a max of 15 miles of towing, jump starts,  and emergency fuel ups.

The second option is PREMIER, and that includes the options offered in BASIC, but up to 100 miles! Yup, you read that correctly, one-hundred miles! Additionally, you also receive trip interruption insurance and personal property coverages as well, up to $500!

So while this may have you excited about the new policy (I know it’s got us pumped!), you may have some more questions regarding it!  Well, you can do one of three things- 1) give us a call at our office 860-684-5270, 2)stop down to the Stafford Springs office at 8 East Main street, or 3) stop by this blog tomorrow, because we’ll be discussing this new policy again in a little more detail, so hopefully we can clear up any questions or concerns that CT auto insurance policy holders may have.