• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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If you keep up pretty steadily with our blog, then you’ll know about the great auto insurance program called IntelliDrive offered by us through Travelers Insurance. It’s basically an auto insurance policy that is 100% tailored around your driving habits. It’s especially great for two very distinct groups of drivers though: low mileage drivers, and new, teen drivers.

Why is that? Well, both of these categories offer two very distinct driving habits, and thus the best CT auto insurance policy can be tailored around them.  For instance, someone that doesn’t drive a lot is obviously at a lower risk than the normal every day driver because he or she simply is not on the road as much.  As for the teen driver, chances are they’ve got a lead foot (sorry boys, it’s a fact) and may be at a higher risk for accidents because of quick accelerations or fast braking: two big indicators of inexperienced drivers.

So with IntelliDrive, the little device that is implanted into your car provides us with the perfect information to work a policy around your driving habits.  But now there’s even more features added just recently to IntelliDrive that are listed below:

-You can save up to 30% on your renewal if you drive less than 13,000 miles a year

-New customers can save upwards of 10% for their first policy

-Those who are currently customers of the program can qualify for discounts in the 20-30% range if they decrease their mileage over the course of the policy.

So if you think you’re the perfect candidate for this type of policy, give one of us at Paradiso Insurance a call today to set up an IntelliDrive policy for you, your new driver, or anyone else- today!