• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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When’s the last time you tried getting to Providence, RI from Hartford, CT or visa versa? Chances are if you did, the trek wasn’t an easy one.  When Interstate 84 was originally planned, the route was suppose to take commuters on a direct shot from Hartford to Providence.  However now, Route 6 is the only major artery to Providence from Hartford and is in no way a safe road.  Traveling this way could easily lead to an accident, and an increase on you Connecticut auto insurance for sure!

An interstate from Providence to Hartford would no doubt bring life and money back into our capital city, as the commute between the two New England capitals would be a breeze.  So then why were the plans scrapped? Even though everything was finalized in Connecticut, the Ocean State’s environment stood in the way.  The planned route for the freeway would affect the Scituate Reservoir, which is the main water supply for the city of Providence.  This caused a barrier that could not be avoided, and the plans for the original I-84 needed revision.

A second attempt at a route to Providence was proposed that would take the highway around the reservoir, but community outcry ended any hope for an interstate between the two smallest New England States.  The plans as a whole were thrown out, and today, we still have no easy way to get from one city to the other.

So whether you travel Route 6 through Willimantic, Route 44 to 101 through the ‘quiet corner’ or up and around by using the Mass Pike and to Route 146, please always remember to drive safe.  Accidents can happen at a moments notice, and in the unfortunate event that one happens, your Connecticut auto insurance will have you covered.