• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Well, it seems like cruise lines can’t catch a break recently.  Between the fire on the Carnival ship last year that had passengers stranded for almost a week, to another cruise ship experiencing issues that caused numerous headaches for travelers, the focus right now is on the safety and financial recovery of the travelers affected by these vacation issues.

This story is about an elderly couple from Florida who are seasoned travelers.  They embarked on a European cruise trip, however the gentlemen fell in his cabin one morning and broke his hip.  Unable to fully treat him on the ship, the cruise line dropped the couple off at the nearest port, being a small city in Turkey, and basically left them to fend for themselves in a hospital where no one spoke English.

Yes, I know, it seems awful.  The couple did have insurance through the cruise line, however it only covered them for basically the service they received… being handed off to someone else.  Luckily the couple was able to receive better care by moving the gentleman to Istanbul, but unfortunately they’re being burdened with most of the cost.

So this is why, on a trip like like, ESPECIALLY if you’re traveling outside the USA, that you invest in a good traveling or vacation policy.  It’l cover you and your family for pretty much anything, and it’s very inexpensive.  Give Paradiso Insurance a call today to inquire about one if you’re planning a trip soon!