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You’ve booked the venue, invited all your guests, and bought the dress. But your special day may be missing just one thing… What is it? Perhaps you haven’t planned for every possible scenario, and you’re missing wedding insurance coverage for all that goes with the big day!

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You may ask, “Why do I need wedding insurance?” While there are many reasons to protect your investment, read about just some of the most important ways wedding insurance coverage can come through for you to make your wedding day—and all that comes after in your marriage—all that you hope it will be!

What the Wedding Planner Forgot

While you’ve been busy getting all the things ready for the wedding day, have you planned adequately for what your marriage will bring? After the wedding, here come the house, family, jobs, travel, and so much more. But you may be so caught up in the joy of your big day that you’ve neglected to plan for the expenses, trials, and uncertainty you’ll face after the perfect ceremony and reception.

Purchase a Newlywed Package Today

With a bundled insurance coverage package that features auto, life, umbrella, and home policies, you don’t have to worry on your wedding day. You’re starting your life together, and you don’t want to be caught up in having to worry and stress about not being protected. We are here to help you.

Months of planning go into making your wedding day perfect, right down to every detail. You want things to go as planned, and you’re excited about this special occasion in your life. You’ve planned for this day, but have you planned for the rest of the future? What would you do if something went wrong? Thankfully, that’s where wedding insurance coverage fromParadiso Insurance comes in. Getting married should not be a stressful event – it should be the happiest day of your life. Let us help with that. Contact our agents today to get protected! *