Becoming a Better Driver to Lower Your Connecticut Auto Insurance

  • Post last modified:April 21, 2020
  • Post Category:Auto Insurance

Driving is apart of American culture.   When drivers get behind the wheel of their cars they find a growing issue; the other guys and gals behind their wheels are ruder, more aggressive and are causing more accidents. Surveys typically offer the following information:


  • Most drivers have recently operated their car, truck or SUV in a risky manner
  • Many drivers think that other classes of drivers should have their driving skills regularly tested
  • The majority of drivers think that their driving habits are fine…everyone else is the problem

This spike in aggressive driving has been a catalyst for not only car accidents, but also increases in Connecticut auto insurance rates as well.


It is useless for individual drivers to look any further for solutions than themselves. The only thing that is under a driver’s control is his or her own driving behavior. While you can’t predict what another driver is going to do, you can make a stronger effort to make the roads and streets safer.


Obey traffic lights, signs and road markings. All of these are important methods to control traffic and minimize accidents. Just try to figure out how much time you “save” by tailgating, lane changing and running traffic lights. If you save anything, it’s seconds, not minutes. Also, if you are involved in an accident, you’ve just lost any time ever gained by risky driving. Insurance paperwork and accident reports can claim hours and days of your life. If time is important to you, then take the time to pay attention to the rules of the road.


You will also find it healthier and safer to avoid paranoia. The other drivers in the other cars and trucks are not out to get you. Don’t take things personally since the silly things that happen in cars are usually mistaken or mindless, not malicious. Just relax and concentrate on your own driving. Yield right of way to others, stop for school buses, and watch for pedestrians and bicyclists. The more patient, respectful, and attentive drivers there are on the road, the better it will be…for all of us, including your Connecticut auto insurance!