“Drive Other Car Coverage” and Connecticut Auto Insurance
  • Post last modified:February 9, 2021
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We all know that car insurance is vital; for each and every Connecticut resident. Whether you’re a business owner or not, auto-vehicle insurance isn’t to be compromised on. However, there is another part of car insurance which is often classed as secondary but can be termed as vital to have depending on your circumstances and conditions. We’re talking about the “Drive other car coverage”. As the name indicates, this add-on to your primary commercial and private vehicle insurance plan insures cars that you drive or use that are not registered in your name.

This type of insurance provides you with an extensive coverage and with a plan from Paradiso insurance, you can always get specified coverage which fits all your unique needs. However, a generic “drive other coverage” has the same characteristics across the board.

When do you need a drive other car coverage?

Well, simply put, if you’re a business owner and know that you or your employees, the executives and their family members at work are going to be renting a car or driving one which is not covered in your CT car insurance policy, you’ll want to get this coverage. Or perhaps, you’re not a business owner and are temporarily using a vehicle that is not yours, you’ll need this insurance to cover any mishaps and accidents that might occur.

Whether or not you need a drive other car insurance depends on the number of employees that drive for your business operation, types of vehicles on your business’ auto policy, and the size of your operation. This coverage varies drastically depending on personal and commercial usage of the “other car.

Regardless of the time-span of the usage of a temporary vehicle – be it for protocol or otherwise, a drive other coverage is absolutely vital to have because otherwise, in case of any misgivings, you can always face a loss – financial or physical that might, otherwise be too hefty to cover.

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What does the drive other car coverage cover?

Among the primary expenses and liabilities that it covers, medical payments coverage, property damage liability insurance, and uninsured motorist bodily injury are the key ones. This coverage can be extended to liability insurance and physical damage insurance. Plus, in the case of an accident, it can, depending on your plan, cover the hospital bills too.

How does a DOC work?

Usually, a drive other car coverage can be included in a commercial auto insurance policy through a policy endorsement. How is works is that the endorsement covers the individual listed in the endorsement as if they were insured.

How to get a DOC easily?

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