Insurance Discounts for Teen Drivers: How Safety can Help you Save
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Is your teen ready to hit the road? As a parent, you may feel a bit nervous – driving is a huge step your teen is taking into adulthood. At Paradiso Insurance, we’re here to ease some of the worries you may have when handing your keys over and show you how to get insurance discounts for teen drivers.

One of those worries may include securing an insurance discount for your teen drivers. Typically, teens are added to their parents’ auto policies, and it can be overwhelming to see a premium increase on your policy. The reason insurance for teen drivers is often more expensive is because they’re inexperienced and have a higher risk for auto collisions.

Realistically, there’s no way to pinpoint the overall cost of insurance for teen drivers without speaking to one of our licensed agents for a free quote. However, there are various ways you can receive potential discounts on your insurance premium, even after you add your teen driver to your policy.

3 Ways To Obtain Insurance Discounts for Teen Drivers

Good Student Discount

Does your teen driver study and work hard? If so, it can really pay off, because various carriers offer good student insurance discounts to teen drivers who maintain good grades while in school.

The discount percentage varies from carrier to carrier, and to be eligible, your teen driver must have Bs or higher as their grade average. Carriers will also typically request to see a copy of your teen’s report card.

Educational Courses

Educational driving courses not only help your teen to become a more responsible driver, but can also help you receive a discount on insurance premiums. If your teen took a driver’s education course, make sure to make your insurance agent aware of it!

Additionally, various carriers will apply insurance discounts to teen drivers who successfully completed the teenSMART program. The program is computer based and tests your teen’s skill on safety, lifestyle choices, and everyday hazards many of us face on the road every day. Afterwards, your teen driver will receive a certificate of completion for finishing the program, and our insurance agency can help you look for the best discount available.

Vehicle Safety Features

Airbags, anti-lock brakes, anti-theft devices, and even traction control are standard in modern day vehicles, and carriers will gladly give you a discount for having them. Safety features help to keep you safe and will certainly keep your teen driver safe in the unfortunate event something happens while they’re on the road.

When looking for a vehicle with your teen, make sure it includes some of these features!

Take Advantage of Technology

This may seem invasive to your teen, but technology like Telematics devices can track what time your teen is driving, hard braking, and their speed. They do not track where the car is or who is driving. That being said, if your teen happens to allow their friends to drive their vehicle, you won’t know from the device’s report, but you will be made aware of any and all reckless driving behavior. Some Telematics devices even let you send information to your smartphone through an app.

Telematics devices are well worth the investment, because the safety of your teen is important. However, we also are not 100% sure how the carrier can determine who is driving the vehicle if the device can only track certain data. Some carriers offer discounts for having these in the car, and some will also surcharge you if it’s behavior that is reckless. The choice is yours as a parent!

With Paradiso Insurance Teens, Will Be Safe on The Streets

Before your teen takes an important step into adulthood, let our agency provide them with the coverage they need for the best price we can find, and we’ll factor in any discounts you qualify for along the way. Contact one of our agents about insurance for teen drivers today!

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