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As the leaves slowly turn color and the air feels a bit chillier, it’s time to get your home ready for the winter. That preparedness also includes your lawn, which is often the most vulnerable during snowy weather and long frosts. These fall lawn care tips can help prevent your lawn from becoming brown and dry in the spring.

Rake leaves.

While fallen leaves may look beautiful in the fall, they’re actually terrible for your lawn. Piles of leaves block sunlight and prevent water from getting underneath. As soon as leaves start to fall off the trees, make sure to rake or blow them away so your lawn can breathe and won’t be dead come springtime.

Don’t put your lawnmower away yet.

Many homeowners may think the lawn only needs to be cut in the spring and summer, but your lawn doesn’t stop growing. Cutting it can help prevent fungus from growing, just be sure not to over do it! Grass that is cut too short can leave it vulnerable in the winter. This Old House recommends cutting your grass 2.5 to 3 inches before the first frost for optimal fall lawn care.

Keep your sprinkler running.

Similar to mowing, you shouldn’t stop watering your lawn once it gets colder. Often cooler weather can make the air drier, causing your lawn to get dehydrated. Run your sprinkling system during the middle of the day when the sun is strongest, and at the sign of first frost put your sprinkler away for the season. You don’t want your pipes freeze over or burst.

Winterize your lawn.

Your lawn is going to face some extremely cold temperatures in the coming months, so keep it healthy and strong by winterizing your lawn during your fall lawn care routine. Winterizer is similar to fertilizer, but it is the best to use during mid to late fall because nutrients slowly release to help your lawn make it through the harsh winter.

Fix patches.

If you find your lawn has a bit of bald spots or dead patches, now is the time to fix that with fall lawn care. Your lawn is at its most optimal state as it prepares for the winter.

Gain control over weeds.

Weeds are particularly something no homeowner wants to deal with, and if you’ve struggled getting control over them during the summer, you can gain control over them with proper fall lawn care. Similar to your lawn, weeds are preparing for winter too and are at their most optimal state for reserving energy and feeding. Therefore, something like weedkiller will be more effective than normal.

Before winter hits, make sure to implement some of these fall lawn care tips. To learn more about how you can prepare your home for the fall, click the button below.

Pumpkins outside in the fall time.