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  • Post last modified:December 30, 2020
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Trust me, while pipes bursting may sound like a minute problem to deal with, in hindsight, it can translate into a much bigger, loaded disaster. Bursting pipes means a loss of your everyday utilities like water, electricity, etc. consequently, your floors may be flooded and cause a whole lot of more damage as well. Also, water and electric appliances do not mic well and therefore, burst pipes leave you with life-threatening hazards. Yes, your homeowner’s insurance will cover the damages caused in the wake of such events, why would you want them to take place in the first place – more importantly when they can be avoided very easily.

How do you know that you’re dealing with burst pipes?

If you’re not a professional or haven’t dealt with burst pipes before, it is quite easy to overlook it for any other anomaly. Although it’s not always easy to identify burst pipes, here are a few signs you might want to look out for; fluctuating water pressure and discolored water with a strange smell are the most prominent effects of burst pipes. If you happen to hear clanging noises behind the walls, it can very well be the cause of burst pipes so be sure to get it checked. Spiking water bills and water puddles under your sink are also a sign of burst pipes.

Now you know that you’re dealing with burst pipes, the next step is to take immediate action. This includes turning off water and drain sockets, calling in professional help, locating the burst pipe, filing insurance claims if need be, and then getting to cleaning up right after the problem is solved.

Turning off water supplies and draining the faucets

The first step in dealing with burst pipes is turning off your water supply to prevent further damage. Turning off your main water valve is the best way to do this. Next, you should open your faucets to drain any water which may still be in the pipes to prevent it from freezing and causing more damage.

Also, depending on where inside your property the pipe has burst, you will have to turn off a few electricity appliances in the vicinity too.

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Calling for professional help

If you have little to experience when dealing with pipes and their bursts, you should call for professional help as soon as possible. A professional won’t only help you locate the burst pipe but will also suggest the necessary precaution and remedy to deal with the situation. Yes, the service will cost you but at least it would be a permanent fix and won’t require you anymore headache.

Insurance claims

Burst pipes are actually one of the leading causes behind filing insurance claims. Usually, burst pipes are covered in your homeowner’s insurance and if the damage is extensive, you will be able compensate it with an insurance claim. You should always be vigilant and make a video of your dilemma for later use.

In Conclusion

At Paradiso insurance, we care about you and your finances. Your livelihood is our priority therefore instances and accidents like burst pipes are covered within our primary policies.  With any questions you may have, give us a call at 860-684-5270.