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  • Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Is your business covered by an EPLI insurance policy? This coverage is critical to keeping your business properly protected and free from worry, whether you own a Connecticut business or further beyond. No business, no matter the size, is free from worry without the right protection. Today, we want to discuss how EPLI coverage can keep your business properly protected by reviewing some of the most common EPLI lawsuits where this type of insurance can come in handy.

Employment Discrimination

The first common EPLI lawsuit we’ve seen is employment discrimination, which is when an employee or applicant is treated unfairly due to their race, skin color, nationality, sex, disability, religious preference, or age. Discrimination can happen if you suggest preferred types of candidates for a job role that doesn’t involve professional attributes, if you pay disparities among equally qualified candidates for the same job, or if you deny certain employees the rights of certain company tools or facilities.

visual representation of employment discrimination due to a disability.

Sexual Harassment

Another common EPLI lawsuit that we see is sexual harassment, which can be both verbal or physical. Different forms of sexual harassment include unwelcome jokes or innuendos, insults, name-calling, touching and any other forms of unwanted physical contact. Did you know that you are responsible for the actions of all of your supervisors if you own a business? Additionally, employers should be preventing harassment in whatever way they can, or else you could be liable in a court of law later on.

Photo of an uncomfortable situation where a woman is being touched by her boss in a way that makes her uncomfortable.

Wrongful Termination

If you are planning on terminating an employee, you have to be very careful not to violate any employee rights along the way – even if your employees are employed on an at-will basis. A few examples of wrongful termination include firing an employee before written/verbal contract ends, firing an employee after reporting their employer to a government agency, and firing an employee without giving warnings or trying to take corrective action first.

Image of an employee termination letter that is stamped as an unfair dismissal.

In Conclusion

There are many other forms of lawsuits that you can research from our friends at Small Business or Axis that can help you understand why EPLI coverage is important. At the end of the day, our priority is to help you understand the risks you face as a business owner, and keep you safe from worry to said risks. If you haven’t considered an EPLI policy for your business yet, give us a call, and we can go over some more details and get you a free quote today.