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  • Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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If you’re looking to get into tip top shape this year, our insurance agency is here to help! Even though the time for New Year’s resolutions has already come and gone, any time of the year is the right time to decide to improve your health regimine for the better. Introducing, our favorite fitness routines for transforming your body in 2018!

New Year, New You

Are you looking to get into the best possible shape in 2018? This fitness routine is designed with you in mind! Our first fitness routine comes from Muscle and Fitness, and is called the “New Year, New You” plan. As we mentioned, a popular New Year’s Resolution is to get into shape, and while this planned is designed for just that, it’s still a successful plan for any time of the year! This plan is separated into different segments, but takes place over a three month period. In the first four weeks,  you’ll be focusing on building strength. After that, during your second month, you can focus on increasing your muscle mass. Lastly, they wrap up with working on getting your beach body ready for the warm seasons! This is a more intensive fitness routine, but can be adjusted readily for whatever you’re ready to personally take on. If you’re interested in learning more about this plan, you can check it out on the Muscle and Fitness website by clicking the image below:

The Ultimate 365 Day Muscle Building Plan

As you can assume from the title, this fitness routine is designed for not just a transformation, but a better YOU from here on out! Instead of just three months, this plan lasts an entire year, and it comes from This fitness routine is designed for those who want to start transforming their body, but they aren’t sure where to begin with bodybuilding. Not only does this plan include the necessary training you need to get into shape, but they also review nutrition and supplementation that can support your endeavors as well. Not to mention, they have a virtual motivational coach that can help support you in your progress throughout the year! With a full diet, regimen, and F&Q’s all laid out on the website, this plan is a go-to for anyone looking to get into the best shape of their lives in a year’s time. To get started, check this fitness routine out online by clicking the image below:

Not Satisfied? Build your Own Plan!

With the help of Nerd Fitness, you can level up your life. If you’re not quite satisfied with the fitness routines we’ve discussed thus far, then Nerd Fitness can help you with designing your own personalized fitness routine. With expert help from this website, you can get assistance with assessing your current workout if you have one, seeing where you can improve, and what exercises are right for your body type. You’ll be in complete control of how your workout is designed, so you can decide how intense it should be or what you can handle during your transformation process. Better yet, share this blog with a friend, and start tackling designing your personalized fitness routine together! Ready to get started? Click on the image below!

If you’re looking for even more advice on building a solid, workout routine, you may want to take a peak at these tips from a two-time Olympian.

Remember folks, whether you’re a veteran in fitness routines or you’re just looking to get started, an accident can happen inside the gym any time. It’s important you have the proper coverage, in case of an emergency situation, or any time you’d need medical attention for if a workout goes unfortunately wrong. If you don’t already have the insurance you need, our insurance agency has you covered. You can learn more about our personal insurance policies and request a quote from one of our licensed insurance agents today.