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Couple in convertible car smilingI have frequently heard from my dad that back in the day (60’s, 70’s, & 80’s) if a car made it to 100,00 miles, it was pretty much ready for the junk yard.  But my, how for automakers have come.  Now the reasons are numerous as to how and why cars are lasting longer and longer today, but we’re not going to delve into that.  Instead, we want to discuss some tips and different ways to get your favorite car or the family van to that next frontier- 200,000 miles.

By taking good, quality care of your car, you can extend the life of it significantly. And by doing so, you can also show your CT auto insurance provider how responsible you are, which more often than not translates into safer driving. But in any event, we have found some wonderful tips that you can (and should) incorporate into your car-care life that will help ensure that your ride will last for years to come.

1) Engine oil check & change

This is perhaps one of the easiest ways to help the longevity of your car, and yet so many of us neglect to stay on top of this.  Checking your oil is relatively easy, but if you’re not automotively inclined, then simply make it a priority to have your vehicle’s oil changed when the sticker on your windshield tells you to. The oil is essential for your car’s engine, so by neglecting to have it changed would be like running on the same pair of shoes for five years

2) Tire  pressure

Again, a pretty simple check that you can do, but many of us fail to do it.  About every month or so, head outside and check the pressure of all four of your vehicle’s tires to make sure that they are all up to snuff on what your vehicle’s manufacturer suggests.  Riding around on low tire pressure will cause your vehicle unneeded additional strain, and could also lead to an accident.  Don’t file a ct auto insurance claim because you got into an accident because you blew a tire from neglecting to care for it!

3) Workin’ at the car wash

Okay, we just had to have fun with that one.  We mean you should have your car regularly washed in order to remove dirt, salt, and any other nasty thing that your car picks up while out on the road.  Now besides the obviously improvement of how your car looks from the wash, the scrubbing can also extend the quality of your car’s exterior, which will significantly enhance its resale value if you chose to sell it.

4) Can your vehicle breathe well?

Yup, we’re referring to the air filter here.  Air filters allow the car to intake air, something vital to the engine working properly.  Think about it this way… having a poor air filter for your car’s engine is like trying to breathe and function normally with a screen over your mouth.

5)  How are your fluids?

Keeping hydrated is key to a healthy body, and the same goes for your car! Transmission fluid is extremely important to keep tabs on, as well as the power-steering fluid and brake fluid.  Now again, if you’re not very automotive- savvy, no need to worry.  All of these fluid checks are usually included in normal tune-ups that are offered at pretty much every automotive job in America.

Come back tomorrow for even more tips on how to extend the life of your vehicle and ensure that you avoid a preventative accident and CT auto insurance claim!