• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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logoI wanted to write a quick two paragraph blog about our ageny’s brand. Paradiso insurance was founded in June of 2006 as an independent insurance agency located in Stafford Springs. Because our agency is independent, we have the ability to provide many different insurance options for you. We don’t have just one insurance company, we have many that, in turn allow us to shop the insurance out for you. So our first part of our brand is that we work for you, our clients.

What our agency stands for is:

1) The Community- we believe in our community so we like to invest back into it. We love to support the Rotary club, Stafford Little League, Stafford softball league and other great sport organizations and local business events because our community is made up of great people.

2) Shop Local and Shop Small- It’s small business and shopping local that help our community become a great, but we need the support of the locals.

3) Support for our Veterans- I believe that it’s our veterans who have allowed us to have our freedoms. Their service allows us to live in this great country so together we need to support our veterans and all men and women serving our country.

paradisoFlags4) We support America- We love this country and believe that freedom isn’t free. It’s important to support America through such great days like Flag Day, so you will see our continued commitment to getting our community involved to fly the American flag with pride and respect.

5) Support for Connecticut Children’s Medical Center- Our agency wants to be involved in many charitable organizations, but one key charity that we choose to dedicate a significant portion of our efforts is the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center. For the past four years, we have supported the Reverse Trick or Treat program that has provided children with the opportunity to have an enjoyable Halloween while being in the hospital. Our goal is to put smiles on these children’s faces and make sure that they have their own special Halloween.

I have provided five key components to our brand because I want our prospects to understand who we are at Paradiso Insurance. We are not only an independent insurance agency- we are much more and it’s very important that we share that with all of you today.