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We have all done it before- peeled out of a parking lot while in a hurry, dropped the transmission too quickly going from reverse to drive, or found ourselves unable to avoid that nasty pothole in the road. Whatever the case may be, the thing we all need to remember is that we put our vehicles through a significant amount of stress, and while we may hit a pothole or procrastinate on changing the oil, we need to realize that these events can severly damage our cars even if it isn’t evident immediately.

Whatever the case may be, there are certain ways that can really do a number on your vehicle, and they are listed below for your referenc:

Not having routine checkups

Just like you go to the doctor to get a checkup to make sure you’re alright, the same goes for your car! Ignoring regular maintenance checkups can cause you to miss small issues that can escalate into major (and costly) problems.  The worse part is that these checkups are pretty easy, like oil changes, transmissions checks, or spark plug replacements.

Ignoring your oil light

The oil light is perhaps one of the most important lights on your dashboard.  Why? Well your car’s oil is like the blood in your body- it makes everything else work.  So if you don’t regularly change your oil, then you can seriously jeopardize your car’s engine life.  What’s even worse is when people ignore the oil for so long that it ends up running out and starving your engine with the proper lubrication it needs to operate.  All I’m going to say is this: that’s not what you want to do.  Just think about the risk you could be putting yourself and other drivers in if you’re driving with a car that’s oil is almost completely dryed up- not to even mention the CT auto insurance risks!

Listen to your car when it’s heating up!

Seeing the temp guage on your dashboard read “death valley” status is just not a good thing.  But a worst thing would be to ignore it.  Now chances are it may be a small fix that could only cost you a few bucks. However, like the other things on this list, if your ignore it, you could be looking at a far more expensive repair bill, such as a blown head gasket and cracked cylinder head. That can easily run you almost a grand.

Come back tomorrow when we finish out this list of car damage that can cause serious financial strain and not pose well for your ct auto insurance.