• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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So last Friday we began a good discussion on certain circumstances that you may not think of when it comes to CT insurance claims, but are, nevertheless, have you covered. In order to delay you no further, below is the conclusion of our list.

  1. Nippin’ at your heels. Dog bits can be a big problem if you’re an owner of a four legged friend, but rest assured, if your dog bites a visitor, any medical bills or costs associated with stitching up the bite. And this is a really good thing for homeowners, as 30% of all CT homeowners insurance claims are somehow or another related to dog bites. Just remember though, it may cost you more on your policy if you have a more aggressive breed of dog, such as a Rottweiler or pit bull.
  2. Stolen from the dormroom. Left on campuses is an issue, but if your son or daughter is smart, then they can dramatically reduce the risk of theft.  But sometimes, the crooks get their way.  In any event though, if something like a television or other type of belonging to your son or daughter is stolen from his or her dormitory, most home insurance policies actualy provide coverage for the stolen items(s). There are certain stipulations that the student has to meet, such as being a student fuul-time, living in an on campus residence hall, and under a certain age- usually around 26.
  3. Legal Fees. You really can never be fully, 100% protected against accidents, and furthermore, you never know what can happen to someone either in your car or on your property.  That’s why your CT insurance will have the cost of legal fees taken care of if you find yourself in the middle of a courtroom jungle.  The liability portion of your policy, be it your car or home insurance, should assist with lawyer fees and other legal bills that could otherwise send your piggy bank into internal combustion mode.