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healthy-57255_640So yesterday we started a rather interesting discussion on how some preconceived unhealthy foods may actually not be as bad for us who are on a diet than we thought.  The big thing though is that they need to be consumed in moderation.  For example, some of the foods on the list a day ago were bacon and pasta.  Yes, if you have a lot of these foods, then chances are you’re waste line will probably expand.  But if you have a smaller portion of these foods, and pair them with other healthy foods, then you’re looking pretty darn good.

So without any further delay, below is the rest of our list of unhealthy foods that can actually have significant benefits, both for your health and your CT health insurance.

6. French fries
Okay, yup, this one shocked me as well, but hear us out.  They are potatoes, which we discussed yesterday as having real health benefits, but remember, this is a special treat.  Having the occasional helping of fries isn’t going to hurt you or your diet aspirations.  Remember, enjoy these with something lean, like chicken or some type of fresh (not-drenched in butter) seafood.

7. Raisins
This is a head-scratcher as well, because don’t raisins have a ton of sugar in them?  Well no, they don’t actually, because  they’re simply dried grapes.  But just remember, even though raisins are smaller in size, they still have the same amount of calories as one grape, so it’s pretty easy to have one too many.

8. Sourdough bread

Here’s a surprise as well: Sourdough bread is actually better for you than whole wheat.  I’ll let that sink in for a second. The reason being is that it’s made with a lactic acid starter that undergoes fermentation, which alters the bread’s starches,  which in turn assists your body’s sugar levels and inhibits them from spiking like they do with other breads.

9. Hot chocolate
It amazes people when you tell them that chocolate is good for you, but sometimes they just don’t believe it.  But it’s true, chocolate has many great health benefits, but again, in smaller portions.  And furthermore, chocolate is chocolate, so something like a hot chocolate drink is going to be great for you as well, just make sure it isn’t dolled up with all the unhealthy stuff like whipped cream.  Try throwing some natural honey and almond milk in yours next time.

10. Doughnuts
Okay, hold on.  That’s it, I’m drawing the line with doughnuts. If you have that thought, then we’re a lot in common but the nutritionists wouldn’t lie!. Now it’s true, these guys have little to no nutritional value in them at all, but having one every now and then as a special treat won’t kill you, and furthermore, will more likely lead to less binge- eating down the road because you’ve completely deprived yourself of some good eats.