• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Yesterday we began our discussion on some interesting coverage items that CT home insurance will take care of. For example, we talked about how damaged jewelry will be covered if it’s eaten by the family pet… yes, that’s the type of list we’ve got for you this week.

So to continue on with the list, below are numbers five through eight that are unique circumstances that CT homeowners insurance will actually cover you for.

5)  Vehicles that are really vehicles anymore.  What’s that mean? Well think about those old, rusted pickup trucks that you see in the backyard of some people’s property? Well it’s probably being used for storage, so if something happens to it, like a fire, then it may be covered by the CT home insurance.

6) Expensive wine that’s gone bad? Yeah, that can be covered as well.  Now it doesn’t mean wine that has just gone bad from negligence. What we are referring to is extraneous circumstances like a flood or fire that caused the wine to spoil because of damage to it’s storage unit.  Then it has coverage.

7) Going off the wine idea, think about the pricey oils and other cooking ingredients that we not purchased in a normal store.   As long as you’re not running a business out of your home’s kitchen, then that pricey olive oil straight from Italy could be covered.

8) Making sure you have your pairs.  No, not shoes (unless they are really expensive, then yes, coverage will probably kick in), but we’re referring to pairs of custom made or antique items like candelabras or other lighting fixtures.  Losing one item in a pair or set doesn’t mean you have to live with a mismatched set.

We’ll round out the list tomorrow, so make sure to come back then as well!