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  • Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Winter is coming, are you prepared? Here at Paradiso Insurance, we take pride in providing outstanding insurance solutions to your very real needs, to help you protect the things that matter most. Although, it’s also equally important to us that we help keep our clients free from worry by giving them the tips they need to avoid having to use their coverage. Today, let’s talk about a few tips for a winter vehicle check up that will keep you and your vehicle safe on the road, and a few tips for safe driving in the winter as well.

Maintenance Check

Before hitting the road in the winter, there are certain things you’ll want to check in your vehicle to be sure you’re ready to drive around safely in the winter conditions. First, be sure to have your alignment checked, because proper alignment gives you better control of your vehicle. Next, be sure to have your car battery tested too to make sure it’s holding a strong charge. It’s also important to have your brake system inspected to assure your brakes are ready to handle the stress of winter driving. Your tires are also key to your driving safely, so you want to ensure that they are properly maintained. If you have a newer vehicle, you want to check that your tires are filled to the required pressure setting for your vehicle. If your car is an older model, you may need new tires for better traction against snow and ice. Last, but not least, be sure to grab a new set of windshield wipers that are ready to brave a storm.

Follow at a Safe Distance

Following the vehicle ahead too closely during inclement weather can cause an accident. Make sure to leave plenty of room for your car to safely brake in case the traffic in front of you slows down unexpectedly. You also want to give yourself plenty of time to reach your destination, so you should plan on leaving earlier than normal.

Tools and Accessories

If you become stranded due to an accident, vehicle failure, or skidding, you want to have the proper tools on-hand in the trunk of your car. This includes a blanket, flares, shovel, sand, and fully charged cellphone. You should also ensure that your vehicle has a full tank of gas before you venture out when the weather is bad. This gives you the ability to run your car and keep the heat on until help arrives.

Staying Protected

Remember, it’s important that any time you plan to drive that you have the proper insurance coverage before hitting the road. That’s especially important here in Connecticut, since you legally must have insurance in order to operate a vehicle. If you need help with getting a free quote, or simply have any questions on your auto insurance policy, reach out to us by clicking the banner below!