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Insurance Checklist: Motorcycle Safety

You may be an avid motorcyclist, but as you know, it can be expensive to own and operate a motorcycle. You probably have invested in some of the most expensive equipment that you could afford and have taken out the right insurance cover to keep your bike protected.

But if your bike was stored for a whole winter season and you’re now ready to take it out for a spin, you may want to check up on your insurance policy before hitting the road. This will ensure your bike is still covered after not being on the road for a few months.

Update Your Policy:

As you are no longer using your bike, your insurance company will require that you update your policy with them. There are quite a few reasons why you would need to do this, but you should definitely make sure that your current cover remains in place. If your current insurance expires or lapses during the winter, then your bike could become uninsured, which means that you won’t be able to use it until you renew your insurance.

Furthermore, you may have turned off several covers like road accident protection, theft protection and injury protection during the winter because you didn’t plan on taking the bike out. However, now that you’re again going to ride it, be sure to switch back to your regular policy.

Check Bike Coverage:

It’s a good idea to add a few coverages to your existing motorcycle when updating it after winter. These coverage options include:

  • Replacement of New Motorcycle: If your bike is still new, ask for a special replacement cost coverage. Since new motorcycles depreciate quickly, with this cover, you will get money for a brand new motorcycle if you suffer a loss within a set number of miles or amount of time.
  • Updating Bike Changes: If you’ve been busy adding upgrades and customizing your bike in the garage during winters, be sure to update them on your insurance policy. The last thing you want is not getting money for repairing a mudguard you added to your bike this winter but did not notify the insurer.
  • Personal Items & Gear: The same as above goes for any personal items or gear that you’ve recently added to your riding arsenal. These items need special coverage and will save you a lot of money in case they get lost, stolen or destroyed during an accident.

Motor Insurance Experts at Paradiso Insurance Can Help:

If this is your first time getting motorcycle insurance and you don’t know where to start or how to purchase a motorcycle insurance policy, please call Paradiso Insurance at 860-684-5270.

We can help you get the best motor insurance policy that’s tailored to your specific vehicle and needs. We will also make sure that your bike insurance policy is designed to complement your budget and needs throughout the different seasons, whether it’s winter, spring or summer.