• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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You often hear us discuss homeowners insurance and auto insurance and life insurance and all the other types of CT insurance on this blog.  But while many insurance policies are indeed investments and require some significant financial dedication, there is one ct insurance policy out there that is not in any way a significant financial burden but still produces incredible insurance coverage and security- renters insurance! Now obviously for homeowners, this doesn’t matter for you so I guess you can stop reading, but for those of us who rent homes, apartments, or condos, this is really important!

So let’s just get things straight, when we say inexpensive but great coverage, we really mean it- seriously, renters insurance is only about $10-15 A MONTH.  That’s right, for all of the coverage you receive from a renters insurance policy, it’s DIRT CHEAP in the greater realm of ct insurance costs!

Unfortunately though, a significant amount of renters forgo insurance coverage because, well they either don’t think about it, think their landlord’s insurance coverage will cover them, or they simply do think they have enough items to spend money on insurance coverage.  Here’s the thing about those three thoughts:

1)If you are living on your own and paying your rent, then you should be thinking about  insurance, plain and simple.  Don’t forget about it before it’s too late!

2) Your landlord’s insurance coverage is a policy FOR YOUR LANDLORD, not your stuff.  If a flood were to occur in the basement of the home you’re renting and some storage items of yours gets damaged, don’t expect your landlord’s policy to reimburse you.  It more than likely will only pay the landlord for such things as replacing a washer/dryer.

3)Thinking that you don’t have enough stuff to have insurance is actually up to you. But trust me, you a) have more valuable belongings than you realize, and b) you’ll certainly realize this if a burglary were to occur and you don’t receive anything from an insurance claim, because, well, you don’t have insurance to file one in the first place!

So if you are a renter in Connecticut, give renters insurance a look at, because it’s cheap, it’s smart, and it’s plain and simple the right thing  to do!