• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Wrapping up our week-long discussion on weddings, today we’d like to conclude with not quite insurance for the wedding itself (because we’d discussed that yesterday), we want to talk briefly and broadly about the typical CT insurance policies that newlyweds should have now that their together.

Now we don’t want to rush you out of the honeymoon stage just yet, but we just hope that they remember one thing: you need ct insurance together! Your lives are combined, and that means that your current insurance policies will need to change, or you’ll need new policies, like life insurance if you don’t already have it.

The following ct insurance examples are what all newlyweds should have under consideration or already be in discussion with their local agent:

#1: Home or renters insurance: It’s vital to protect your home together with a sound policy.

#2: Car insurance: Combining  your auto insurance policies can save you some serious dough. Having a “multi-vehicle policy” may reduce your premium!

#3: Life insurance: One word: dependents! Since you now are depending on one another, then NOW, not later, is the time to invest in a life insurance policy- simple enough right?!

#4: Health insurance: Having your health insurance policies together in one plan can be both easier and cheaper, but make sure to use the best plan for your situation!

Once you have your insurance policies squared away, you can go back to enjoying that “honeymoon frame of mind.” After all, you deserve it!