I live by a good rule of thumb that you can’t gain enough information about insurance.  It’s just more education- you can never be too educated on anything, in my opinion, and, as you may expect, insurance education is now exception.  And that’s why we love to inform and educate our loyal readers with as much information as possible.   And today, as well as tomorrow (and yesterday if anyone’s counting), we are discussing CT home insurance, specifically a few things that everyone should and needs to know about insurance coverage for you and your dwelling.

The following tips are three biggies in our opinion that potential buyers and/or owners should be well aware of and fully understand:

apartment1. Well, to be completely frank- It’s required! If you’re looking to purchase a home through a lender for the mortgage, chances are you’re going to need to have ct homeowners insurance in order to secure the loan, otherwise it isn’t going to happen. And if your lender doesn’t require coverage, then that should be a HUGE red flag! For the length of time you have a mortgage on your home, you WILL be required to have ct home insurance, plain and simple. So because it’s required, you should definitely look for the best deal possible: shop around like you would for any major policy.

2. More than your home receives coverage from the policy.  That’s right, there are other things that are covered by your ct homeowners insurance policy.  For example,  your policy can cover expensive jewelry, furs, furniture, garage items, and other belongings. Furthermore, stolen items (like for instance even a vehicle or something on vacation) may be covered by your policy- just verify all of this with your agent first… don’t ever assume!

3. Premiums can go up and down.  Like a rolling set of hills, policy prices can fluctuate throughout the time you live in your  home, for a variety of reasons. One of the most significant reasons is simply market fluctuation.  That’s why, as we have stated time and time again, shopping around for the best price and policy on a yearly basis is your best bet to receive the best price.

Hopefully these tips were helpful to you and improved upon your knowledge of ct home insurance.  Remember, you can never know enough!