While your typical CT homeowners insurance policy covers you for major losses and/or liabilities incurred in your home, or to the home itself,there remains some instances and items that will not be covered under your policy, depending on how the damage was inflicted.

Now under most of the usual circumstances that can cause significant damage or loss to your home, like lightning strikes, fires, or the occasional tree falling through your living room, your policy will cover you for the cost of fixing or replacing what needs to be fixed or replaced. However there are some scenarios that will negate your coverage, so you should know what to look out for:

1. Flooding – Private insurance rarely covers flooding, so getting coverage in case you live in a high risk flood area will require an additional flood insurance policy in conjunction with your CT homeowners insurance.

2. Earthquakes – Again, this is usually covered by an additional policy. Now you may think, “I live in Connecticut, not California.  I don’t need earthquake coverage.” Need we remind you of the one that just happened about a month ago that rocked almost all of New England?

3. Deductibles – According to research and industry trends, it seems as though deductibles are going up between two and five percent, meaning you’re going to have to pay more out of pocket in the event of a claim. *side note: if you raise your deductible on your own, it could save you big on your premiums.

4. Post-traumatic emotional support – If homeowners who experience  traumatic experiences like a fire or their home is a total loss are looking for financial support from the insurance company to pay for therapy sessions,unfortunately your coverage does not cover the cost of this kind of service.

Come back tomorrow when we reveal four more things that you may need to know about that aren’t covered by a standard CT homeowners insurance policy.