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Now that we’ve reached peak season, you are bound to have more packages taking up more and more room in your truck. This also means that you will have to stack more and more of these boxes on top of each other, which can lead to potential disasters. It’s important to make sure that you are stacking your deliveries properly to ensure they arrive at their final destination unharmed and the customer is satisfied. We also don’t want to have any boxes that are stacked improperly falling on you, resulting in an injury. That’s why we always stress the importance of ISP and CSP Contractor safety, or smaller packages on the bigger, heavier ones. 

ISP and CSP Contractor Safety For Shifting Boxes

We all know that while you’re driving, packages have a tendency to shift around. What we don’t know is where exactly they will shift and what potential hazards there will be when opening the cargo area of your truck. Always be sure to leave plenty of room between you and the cargo area of your truck to ensure that if a box does fall, it won’t do so on you and result in an injury. 

picture of boxes stacked up

Always remember, if a box is falling fast (even if it’s a box of wine) and not falling on you—let it fall. It’s much safer to allow that than to potentially injure yourself while trying to catch it. You are the important cargo, not the boxes. We also want to make sure that those who are loading your truck are doing so in a manner that will allow for safe unloading. If not, it’s critical to report this to your superior. This is a safety issue that cannot go unnoticed and needs to be corrected to reduce potential accidents and injuries. We all want the same things: to get our jobs done, and done well, and we can’t achieve this if we lose teammates to accidents that could have been prevented. 

ISP and CSP Contractor Safety In Your Truck

The last ISP and CSP Contractor safety tip we want to leave you with is to never walk backwards in the back of your cargo truck. While it might save time and be easier, you have to think to yourself, if you were to stumble backwards, how are you going to regain your footing? What about the box you were carrying? It could easily fall on you, resulting in an injury. Imagine how much easier it is to regain your footing if you start to stumble while walking forwards. On that same thought, it’s also easier to manage the package if you are falling forwards, rather than backwards. At the end of the day, we care about you, not the box.

picture of guy picking up boxes

While these things may seem very basic, you’d be surprised how easily they can be forgotten. Our goal at Paradiso Insurance is to keep our clients safe so we can all have a successful peak season. For more information or to speak with a member of our Parcel Delivery Team, contact us.

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