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If you are an IC/ISP Contractor, you should definitely consider attaining a driver file on your employees. It’s extremely important for all businesses who employ drivers to keep a file on each of them, especially for IC and ISP Contractor Insurance.

IC and ISP Contractor Insurance And Your Driver’s File

Some additional things that you want to include in a driver’s file are:

– Application for employment (always good to have and you just never know when you may need information from it)

– Signed consent forms (always good to keep)

– Initial and annual Motor vehicle reports (this is a must because of several reasons- first, the insurance company may ask for it, second, it’s important to understand your employees’ driving history)

– The completed road test (many insurance carriers may ask for this, so it’s convenient to keep it all in the personal file

– Initial driver training progress and reviews

– Copy of DOT card (this is a must, for many reasons. A DOT card must be on the driver at all times while driving, and it’s also important to have a copy in the file)

– Employee reviews (try to do these annually- many companies actually conduct quarterly or semi-annually)

– Any grievances (in some states it’s the law to keep them, but even if your state doesn’t require it, you should nonetheless keep grievances in each individuals file)

– Disciplinary Documents (tardiness, warnings or any others write ups)


We sit down with a lot of IC/ISP contractors throughout the country and many don’t have individual files. Some do, but they wonder what should be in the file, so it’s great to have at least what is listed here. Always keep as much as possible in these files because you just never know when you may need the information. Additionally, it’s a good idea to have your files in a locked cabinet because these files may include confidential information such as social security numbers, and you do NOT want that information stolen. A locked cabinet can and will help in most cases.


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