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Depending on your insurance plan, commercial vehicle insurance is usually covered in commercial insurance. However, when defining it as a standalone insurance, we can say that it is a type of insurance that is designed specifically for vehicles that are used by or for a business. This can include vehicles that you buy for a business you own and personal vehicles you use for business.

Commercial auto Insurance can be expanded to instances where other people are injured/ adversely affected in the wake of your business doings. Primary commercial vehicle insurance offers liability coverage and collision coverage of both – the vehicle and the driver. Thus, it is a must have for businesses to ensure safety of their clients, employees, and property. Plus, your business partners and clients might indefinitely require it in order to conduct business with you and your company. 

At Paradiso insurance, we make sure that our customers and clients are always covered in the face of any harm. In addition to this, we make sure that you know how exactly are you covered. This is what this blog is all about.

What does a commercial car insurance cover?

Now that you know what commercial auto insurance is, it is time that you get an idea of what it actually covers. Precisely, it broadly covers:

  • Medical payments or personal injury claims resulting from an accident
  • Damage related to theft, vandalism, falling objects, or weather events
  • Rental vehicle costs if you need to rent a temporary replacement vehicle for your business
  • Employee vehicles that are used for business purposes

Commercial insurance sure does cover a lot. Most of these things won’t be covered in your primary insurance plans such as those included in your personal insurance.

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Commercial auto insurance for the masses

Just like any other insurance policy, a commercial auto policy can be structured to provide financial protections against personal injury and other liabilities, as well as coverage for collisions and uninsured motorists. That is – you can always specify it towards encompassing all your needs.

You should keep in mind that commercial auto insurance typically provides for higher policy limits than personal auto. This is done to protect your business from lawsuits and liabilities alike.

Who needs commercial auto insurance?  

If you own a commercial business or deal with one in a commercial setting, you’ll need a commercial auto insurance. Certain business usage and vehicle types may be excluded from personal auto insurance policies. This is because personal auto policies are not meant for businesses, they are written and rated differently, in a different setting.

You’ll need industry specific insurances such as commercial auto insurance if you are to exceed in any setting.

Our experts at Paradiso Insurance suggest that anyone who’s business is dependent upon a commercial vehicle should get this insurance. Yes, it can be a hefty investment but it also is one of the most intelligible options to protect your business. Business owners and field workers such as plumbers who own vans, catering companies, event management businesses, etc. need this insurance.