Snowplow & CERT when plowing for personal property
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When winter is coming, most of us dread the thought of shoveling our sidewalks and clearing our driveways, but what about professional snow plowers who do this every single day? They are not only performing a hectic job but are also exposed to several risks the slippery, wet ground brings with it and not forgetting the fact that their expensive snowplow vehicles are equally exposed to these hazards.

This is the reason why these businesses need a commercial snowplow insurance policy. So if one of their employees gets injured on the job or an accident destroys the customer’s property, it will be covered by the insurer. Read on to know what it is and why you should get one this year:

What is Commercial Snow Plow Insurance?

Commercial snow plow insurance is a policy that insures your business against losses to your or your customer’s property. The policy covers liability for any damage to a vehicle, building, or other property and for injuries to the insured’s employees. It can also cover medical expenses incurred due to a snowplow accident.

In case of an injury, the policy can help pay medical bills and lost wages. Moreover, it can pay for damage to your vehicle and equipment that is caused by a plowing operation.

When is Commercial Snow Plow Insurance required?

If you are running a commercial snow plowing business, you need to get the policy. You need to do this when you have at least one snowplow vehicle.

Furthermore, if your business is responsible for clearing sidewalks and driveways in your neighborhood, then you need this policy to protect your workers from accidents they may encounter while plowing the roads.

Your commercial snow plow insurance policy will cover all the damages caused by a snowplow, including the loss of business, damage to a vehicle, or even injury to a worker.

Why Should I Choose Commercial Snow Plow Insurance?

The most important reason is that if anything happens to your vehicle or a customer’s property while you are plowing, you will not be held liable for the damage or injury. 

As soon as you start a snow plowing business, you should get the policy and make sure that your expensive vehicles and employees are covered by it. The insurer will pay for any damages or injuries caused by or to them. 

Another reason is that it’s also legally required for snowplow businesses to have this insurance policy and may be specified in your snowplow contract as well.

Over to You:

Keep in mind, homeowners can and should ask for a certificate of insurance from commercial snowplow service providers. This will protect them in case of an accident on the job while also giving the business more credibility.

You can learn more about SnowPlow Insurance and which type of coverage is right for your business by contacting the experts at Paradiso Insurance.

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