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  • Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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You’ve been planning an exciting trip for months, you have everything booked, planned, and ready to go. However, you may be wondering, do I need travel insurance before I leave?

Well, unfortunate circumstances can happen, and those circumstances could end up ruining your plans or leaving you financially strapped. That’s where insurance in any aspect of your life can protect you, and travel insurance is no different.

So, what exactly does travel insurance protect you from?

1. Acts of Nature

We can’t control the weather, and even if we plan for it accordingly, severe weather such as tornadoes, hurricanes, and severe thunderstorms can delay flight departures or even cancel them. However, if your flight or travel plans are cancelled due to the weather, travel insurance would reimburse you for plane tickets, and any other expenses needed to safely make it home.

Severe weather can also impact your destination, and even delay your vacation, but with travel insurance you’re covered financially if this happens. Therefore, if you booked a hotel or other reservations in advance at an area severely impacted or damaged by weather, a travel insurance policy would reimburse you for any lost expenses.

2. Acts of Terror

Unfortunately, it’s a crazy world we live in today, and terror attacks are becoming a very real problem around the world.

Additionally, no one can predict when or where an attack will happen. Therefore, that trip you planned months in advance could change due to heightened security measures or restricted travel services.

If you’re wondering, “do I need travel insurance?”, you do. This is because if your vacation is cancelled due to a terror attack, a travel insurance policy reimburses you for any financial loss or damages accrued during the attack.

3. Family Emergencies

Sudden illnesses, death, an accident, a house fire, or other family emergencies that happen before or during your vacation will take priority over your plans. Therefore, if you need to cancel a trip or leave early due to an unexpected event, travel insurance will cover you for any financial losses.

4. Lost Items

This is all too common for vacationers, a trip out of the country may seem fun, until you forget or lose your passport.

Even worse, luggage can become lost, stolen, or even damaged. How can you enjoy your trip when you don’t have clothes, or have to worry about replacing an expensive item you brought with you?

So, if you’re wondering, “do I need travel insurance?”, well insurance policies, such as passport coverage and baggage coverage, are a bit more specific than travel insurance, but are great plans to add on to your existing travel insurance policy.

Where can you purchase Travel Insurance?

While our insurance agency doesn’t specially offer travel insurance, you can typically purchase Travel Insurance through your local travel agency or your local AAA office.

Of course, you should make sure what you leave behind is protected, too. Simply click the button below to learn more about how you can protect your home or business while away.